Using my Chase Sapphire card, I traveled for a week around Switzerland and found some really incredible places. I captured my personal top six must-see spots to make up my #SapphireSix Travel Guide. Check it out!

1. Maya Boutique Hotel, Nax, Switzerland

maya boutique.jpg

Maya Boutique hotel is one of those places that feels wonderfully isolated from the rest of the world. Located in one of the more remote parts of Switzerland outside of Scion, this hotel has been making headlines by its green initiatives and wonderful food. It was created by a husband and wife, Luis and Lisa. They’re such lovely hosts and you almost feel like you are part of their family. It’s a truly once in a lifetime experience staying with them and their incredible insight on the valley will leave you with many fun days exploring the nearby attractions, including tiny, more traditional villages, to the highest dam in Europe.  

2. Ecco restaurant in the Atlantis Hotel


This restaurant is nestled in the Giardino group’s Atlantis hotel. In what seems like no time at all, they’ve managed to get 2 Michelin stars. The ambiance is inspiring, the service is impeccable, yet approachable. The fare is creative, and full of adventure. If you’re staying at the Atlantis, it would be silly not to try out of Zurich’s most sought-after dining hotspots all while earning 3x points on the meal if you pay with your Chase Sapphire Reserve Card.

3. Atlantis Hotel by Giardino, Zurich, Switzerland

atlantis hotel 3.jpg

This 5-star hotel surprised me. Located just outside the city center in Zurich, I had reserved what I thought was going to be a small room (it was the cheapest room they offer) but I soon realized that the room was much larger than expected— with multiple rooms, a balcony, and a spacious floorplan that was both well thought out, and expertly designed. Ask to see the top floor suite while you’re there, or better yet book it with your Chase Sapphire Reserve for a cool $50k/night. The free (albeit, dry) free mini bar in the room was a delightful surprise and allowed me to try many local brews that I may not have had the opportunity to try otherwise. The extensive brunch had a little something for everyone, including my current push towards veganism. If your budget allows, opt for the top floor suite, which is literally fit for a prince. With multiple rooms for a VIP and his or her staff, this middle eastern themed suite will make just about anyone feel like royalty. The other royal treatment? That comes later when you use those points earned to book your next trip using Chase Ultimate Rewards!

4.Pelikamo, Zurich, Switzerland

This menswear shop will arm you with the garments to make you feel like you’re in Madmen. Brands like Monocle, Barbour and premium fabrics from Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis Canonico prepare the man who wants to look his best. Many of the garments here are custom made for the store in factories in Italy and Portugal that are surely manufactured with no corner cutting for quality. Enjoy a coffee while you sit down with their experts to discuss the latest trends, or have a seat on their sofa and page through their eclectic variety of books and periodicals. Bests of all, they ship internationally so get suited up and have it sent to your doorstep.

5. Qwstion Zurich, Switzerland


This shop in downtown Zurich make some of the best bags in the industry. They’re designed with and urban dweller in mind and don’t disappoint in terms of quality or look. Since 2008 they’ve been working with Swiss designers to produce bags that transition well from casual biking to board meetings with ease. The showroom is a fun experience in itself that sources other local brands and artists in mediums such as pottery, clothing, and fine art. Their staff is friendly and helpful and knowledgeable about the stories behind their products.

6. IM Viadukt

IM Viadukt.jpg

This group of stores is located under a Viaduct below a train line. It’s got to be one of the more inventive designs that I’ve seen for shops— It’s an incredible use of space that was already constructed for a train high above the arches that supported it. Each arch houses a different business and each business was carefully selected for its commitment to supporting local business. There’s everything from fashion, interior design, to food and drink. In all, there are over 50 different shops which means there’s something for everybody. My favorite find was Street Files which housed womenswear and menswear side by side in a sophisticated yet approachable feel.


Wherever in the world you’re headed next, make the most of it by finding the best spots that you get rewarded for visiting! Visit their website to learn more about how the Chase Sapphire Reserve card can enhance your travel experience three-fold.

My last month with my Bremont watch

I had the wonderful privilege of working with Bremont Watches during the America's Cup in Bermuda. This watch was a head turner and incredible to test. It was a bit thicker than I'm used to, but I saw how intricate the details were and really learned to appreciate the extra craftsmanship. I loved the slick design (not to complicated, which is what I'm attracted to) and the clean watch band. It felt stiff, but loosened up a bit after a few wears. The chronograph was fun to use, albeit I found my self playing with it rather than actually using it :)

It was incredible hearing about how Bremont was started as well as getting to know their line. I gained a major appreciation for fine watch making 

DJI_0052 1.jpg


Katrina and I had a blast working with Unison Home on their #UnisonHomeChallenge campaign- Check out our final shot and our BTS photos as well :)

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 Here's our final shot! 

Here's our final shot! 


In October 2015 I challenged myself to visit a new country every month. It's now May 2016 and I've been to more than 10! Here's a quick video that describes the project.